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As a kid, when I wasn't playing make-believe, I was creating it in my head. I would make appointments with myself to pick up where the stories left off, gazing out the window of the school bus during the long rides home. Twice that I can recall I tried to write books. Those childhood endeavors are stories in themselves! I lost interest pretty early on, but fortunately re-discovered it a few years ago and haven't stopped typing since.

My short story "Purpose", a Caprica fan fiction, was published on the "Beginning of Line" web site. You can read it here. It's illustrated by myself and my friend Elizabeth Louvaris.

I also wrote a short story called "Cotton Balls" which has never been published anywhere. I'm still trying to decide what to do with that one.

My main work-in-progress, however, is "Fate's Apology", a scifi-romance-adventure mash-up that began as a bit of Star Wars fanfic fun but soon morphed into an all-out attempt at creating my own universe complete with people, planets, politics, piety and problems. It's currently enjoying a productive round of 2nd draft rewrites and edits.