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Short Snippet Saturday: Callos In the House, Yo

While I didn't fill Fate's Apology with a plethora of strange, Mos Eisley Cantina-style aliens, I did create one species to stand out against the humans and near-humans that populate the Korl Sector. Meet Callos Polir, a Po Krota with an obesity issue and a heart made of thorns.



            "Welcome, Marquem Vexu," a deep voice said from the shadows. "It is an honor to finally meet a most mysterious source of income."
            The sound of a heavy rolling object was followed by the appearance of a grotesque creature seated upon a massive cathedra. A single black obsidiate ball formed the base of the ornate wheeled throne, upon which a bloated, birch-skinned Po Krotan sat. His wide mouth in the lower half of a pear-shaped head was twisted into a grin, and his small, translucent eyes crinkled with pleasure. In the manner of tradition for his species, only his own yellow-gray hair patches served to conceal certain parts of his body. Long growths of it sprouted from head, chest, arms and torso, and were arranged in chaotic patterns that were held in place by metal loops embedded in his flaky, foul-smelling flesh. His bulbous legs long-since useful for carrying his obese body, he was permanently ensconced upon the Sphereniture, a vehicle designed by himself for transporting his bulk around his palace.
            A slight twitch of the nose was Vexu's only response to the repulsive site. "The honor is mine, Callos. But I would be even more honored to be shown to the jinari chamber, so that I may see that is has been built to my specifications."