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Arts, Charts, and Blueberry Tarts II

You'd think for all that I fight with it and harp about it, I'd have written a novel that was about time. But I didn't. I didn't want to spend the fourth dimension of my existence writing about something I struggle against the majority of my days. I kept a log one week just to see where those all-important minutes go during the day, and discovered that I'm neither lazy nor insane - it really is gobbled up by stuff I'd rather not be doing. Like sleep. Can we just get over that already? Sheesh. However, I was actually amazed that with what little of it is left, I'm able to accomplish what I do. At least there was a pleasant "attaboy" surprise at the end of the exercise!

But now, time is slowing down. I'm about to go on summer vacation, a whole week off to be filled by things other than work. And with that in mind, it's time to take stock at the halfway point for the year, based on my January blog Arts, Charts, and Blueberry Tarts.

First up: no, I haven't learned to cartoon yet. Precious few are my little drawings to accompany blog posts. That's not to say I haven't played around a bit, I'm just not ready to illustrate my thoughts. It ate up way too much time that could have been put to better use. I am, however, looking at purchasing a cartooning book so I can learn to sketch quicker. Gotta start somewhere, eh?

Second up: The latest example of the kind of art that I can do well is finished. That portrait of Eric Stoltz that was supposed to take a few weeks? Well, it ended up taking a little longer than that. But it's completed, and it does "look better than this" if I do say so myself. You can see it in all its enlarged and detailed glory on Eric Stoltz: A Tribute By a Fan. Ta-dah! Ta-done.

Third up: my novel, Fate's Apology. Wow. This monstrous task is finally coming into focus, and I'm happy to announce that not only did I make it through an entire outline, but am several chapters into my second-and-a-half draft, and thrilled with the results. Every few days my desk looked like this, covered in hastily scribbled notes, ideas, and scenes that came to me while on-the-job. (Don't look at me like that. My super knows I do this, and he's cool with it, m'kay?) Still, it's going to be more work than I had anticipated, as I am using precious little of the first draft other than the basic scenes and ideas. Instead, I'm reviewing them and then writing everything from scratch, and trying to severely reduce wordy-word-wordy-wordness. Is it working? Well, right now I'm up to 7,172 words. Same place in the story last draft? 18,516 words. You tell me.

Fourth up: No, I don't want or need any blueberry tarts. However, my musical tart of a band gig - playing bass guitar with Hélène Engel - has, with an incredible amount of work, come together behind the scenes of all this other stuff going on, and our first gig went very well. The story, pics, and video behind that project? That's a blog for after vacation!

So now I relax and ask: what were your goals up until now in this year of 2012? Did you meet them? Exceed them? Precede them? Concede them? Or did they do something unexpected and change? I'd love to read about your experiences whilst I bake in the Arizona sun!