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Short Snippet Saturday: Enter Sandman

It's been a while since I posted a snippet. Sorry about that. Been too busy writing Fate's Apology to share it. Here's my introduction of the arch-villian, which is very different from my last draft. I like it much better, and was initially going to make it part of the proIogue, but decided against that. I think it will work better somewhere at the beginning of one of the first several chapters, after the opening action has died down.


            A lone man descended the ramp of a small, golden craft, his gleaming white cape flapping in the breeze like the wings of a giant bird. Shielding his violet-colored eyes, he gazed at the majestic vista before him. Snow reflected brilliantly in the blinding sun, and shimmering clouds of it billowed off saw-toothed mountaintops, picked up by icy, gale-force winds. On one particularly lofty pinnacle shone a mirror of glacier making its way into the jagged valley below. The man closed his eyes and breathed deeply, then spoke in a meditative tone.
            "As I have ascended to the highest peak among the crystalline clouds, so too shall Driva'Ri ascend to the Crown of the Galaxy. And I will be its brightest gem."