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Make My Monday Merrier

I try not to be the person who complains every week like clockwork "Ugh, Monday. I hate Mondays". After all, there's more than enough of this to go around, and it doesn't make the Mondayness of the day go away. Yet last Monday I awoke with an overwhelming urge to tell Monday to go take a long hike off a short pier, mainly because despite having a weekend off to relax and catch up on sleep *snort* I just wanted to stay in bed. Just one more hour. Then I had an idea: wouldn't it be great if everything just started later on Mondays?
Well, why not? Stores and banks stay open later on certain days so we have more time to take care of our errands. Why not let everything stay closed for an extra hour on Monday morning? Wouldn't it give that crash back into reality a little cushion of comfort? One extra hour to smack the alarm clock and go "Psyche! Not time yet! Mua-ha-ha-ha!" Then we can all get up feeling like we got away with something, starting the day a little more rested and a little less aggravated. Any takers? I'm in.
Now about that three-day workweek George Jetson complained about…