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Short Snippet Saturday: Friend or Foe?

Welcome to my second installment of Short Snippet Saturday! I can't guarantee I'll post every Saturday, and yes it should have been earlier, but choir duty called and I forgot how long it takes to prepare myself. Still, I'm aiming for consistency for the first few weeks so better late than never. Without further ado, let's drop in on Nala, the main protagonist in my WIP, Fate's Apology.


            Nala watched the man moving inside the cage as she listened to the monotonous sound of metal scraping against metal. Her muscles were starting to cramp from holding her position, but she dared not give herself away. She wasn't even sure if she wanted him to succeed, possibly being one more foe to fend off. Was he like that? Like the other humans? He called Jaiynder a friend, so they must have something in common. No…he is a prisoner too. He is likely more concerned with his own escape. Still...wait. Don't say anything until…