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Abby of The Sign (or How Come I Never Wrote This Down Before?)

For vacation this summer I took a drive that came to be known as the Reminisce Road Trip. Visiting my hometown of Sayre PA, and friends in both Rochester NY and Kitchener ON, I had plenty of time to talk about the "good ol' days" with friends and family alike that I'd not seen in years, or in some cases, decades. The trip alone created topics of conversation as it progressed, and a curious thing happened during one. In telling about how the current owners of the house my father built had kept something for me for seventeen years awaiting my return to claim it, the listeners became more interested in the story about the item rather than the fact that these wonderfully patient people had held onto it for so long. What was the item? This:

Abby of The Sign

That green and red sign beside me says on it "Swinging Abby's Progress". I've had it since I was fifteen years old and am thrilled it still exists, although how to get it home is a problem I've not quite solved yet. Anyway, I mentioned the sign and explained what it was created for, and the conversation then went something like this:
Friends: "Excuse me? Wai-wai-wait…you did what?"
Me: "I sat on a swing for two weeks."
Friends: O.O "Why?"
Me: "Trying to get into the Guinness Book of World Records."
Friends: "And you never thought to mention this to us before?"
Me: o_o "No, I guess not. It's such an old story I assume everyone's heard it by now."
Friends: "Oh no, this is news to us! Please, do tell!"
So I did. And like every time I tell it, the bottom-line question is "why would you do such a thing?" To which I shrug and say "why not?" And then they say "you should write a story about that."
Yes. I should. It's something I should have done long ago. Well, it's never too late!
Stay tuned…