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Go For It

 Well, just when I thought things were going to calm down a bit and I would have more time to get caught up on some stuff around here (photos, comments for music, links to other web sites, etc.), it happened. No, I didn't get sick or have some other crazy crisis arise to keep me occupied. Another project pounced from behind, where I of course was not looking. This one is going to create many deadlines before it's over, and I'm kinda starting to get used to that feeling of sliding into home with the bases loaded. Or something.

The project is called Beginning of Line, a completely fan-created continuation of the story of Caprica, a wonderful scifi drama that unfortunately saw only one season of airtime. Check it out here. No, this is not my web site - it's far too regularly updated and busy for that! But in answering a simple question posed by its creator (the fabulous and talented Teresa Jusino!) on a Facebook page a couple of months ago, I've been drawn into contributing to it and I have to say it's probably the coolest thing that's happened to me in a while. It has challenged me to do things I didn't know I was capable of, such as writing an original short fan fiction in less than a week and creating an actual illustration, which is quite different from a mere portrait. It's been an opportunity to not only get some of my work out there, but to learn to improve upon my technique and work within deadlines, something I was never very good at in art and had never needed or even tried to do in writing. The first art piece will be up on Tuesday February 8th, accompanying what I KNOW will be a wonderful story penned by Teresa. My own story with another accompanying portrait is to run on March 15th. In the meantime, with many weeks worth of other talented contributors' stories awaiting publishing and art still needed, I already have more drawing ideas lined up for the site. And who knows - maybe I'll even write another story for it.

So with that said, did I accomplish everything I wrote about last month? Yes, yes, and then some! How? I have no idea. I really don't. Because just when I think I simply don't have any more time to spare and I should start saying "no" to people and projects, and that that's somehow a GOOD thing, I actually manage to find it within myself and my day to do the exact opposite. Moral of the story? Sometimes, when opportunities pose questions on Facebook, you just gotta say what the frak, and go for it!

UPDATE: Due to some rescheduling, my story on the Beginning Of Line web site will now run in April. The illustration for "Hypatian's Bluff" can be seen in the fan art gallery here.