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A cross-section of works.

Yes, I posted some examples of my art - please take a look! There is much more, some I still have, some I don't, and more yet to be done. Already two projects in the thinking stage (well, lots in the thinking stage, but I only have two hands and a full-time job, so I do what I can, y'know?) and looking forward to watching them appear.
That's always the fun part - watching them grow. Recently, I was scanning my projects as I created them, showing friends where I was at that point in the work. But as I look back at the files it's interesting to see them frozen in time in various stages of incompleteness. No, I don't finish any of these in one day. I've read where other artists don't care to get that 'photograph' look when they're done, but for me that is what I strive for, and that takes time. I've dabbled in surrealism, caricature, prints, silhouettes and cartoons, but I always come back to realism. I like having something that I created stare out at me in such a way that I expect it to move, blink, or speak at any moment. My artworks (as well as my music and writing) are like children - I created them, nurtured them, spent agonizing time over them. I want to breathe as much life into them as possible!