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Ready to Rumble

It's that dizzying time of the year again. Look back, look ahead, look around, another year older and what have you done… Well, I'm happy to say I did pretty well, actually. Let's review my 2013 resolutions. I only made four, so it shouldn't take long.

1) Finish part two of Fate's Apology. I did! And it was right down to the finish line too, with a large chunk of it written just in the past month. I'm totally huzzah-ing over that.
2) Continuing to play my bass despite the obstacles. I am! And we had some terrific gigs this year. We went out of town to Shawinigan, Quebec and played at a two-day cultural festival, where we got to stay in quirky little trailers and hotel rooms just like real working musicians, and we also had a successful show at the Bistro Mousse-Café in Montreal, which proved that with the right songs and enough rehearsal, Hélène and I can rock a show as a duo.
3) Blog every other week and post one short snippet per month. Well, I managed fifteen out of a projected twenty-four blogs, and six out of a projected twelve short snippets. I find that life is often either too busy or too boring, and when I have time to spare I tend to spend it working on Fate's Apology, which right now is more important to me than blogging.
4) Lose ten pounds. HAHAHAHA! Well, I didn’t gain ten more, so my fight with fat ends in a stalemate.
So what's up for 2014? Like last year, I'm going with four resolutions.
1) Finish Fate's Apology and find beta readers. If necessary, this goal will trump all others that follow. I want to write "The End" so badly I can taste it.
2) Write new piano compositions. My piano has been neglected for far too long, and one way I've already made sure I'll have more time to get back to it is by taking a sabbatical from the choir. When schlepping into town every Wednesday and Saturday for rehearsals and performances became something to dread almost as much as going to work, it was time to re-evaluate how I was spending my musical free time. So, so long singing, hellooooo piano!
3) Review books I've read. I'm terrible at this, and knowing how much writers crave feedback about their work, I really need to stop shirking this responsibility. This might entail re-reading some stories so they're fresh in my mind again, but for sure it should start with anything I'm enjoying (or not) from here on out.
3) Get a web site up on my domain. I've had the domain since May and only just recently tried to figure out what to do with it. I want it to be a place to celebrate the life of my beloved cat Rascalbear, as well as my new kitties, Doodle and Jitterbug. I also want it to have information about red-point Siamese cats, maybe a resource for adoption info, as well as a place for people to post their own pictures and stories about their red-points. That's a lot of stuff to think about and organize.
And that's it. Of course, I need to blog, stay in shape, and continue the band. This week already has band practice, write a blog or two to post in the future, and exercise written all over it. But it also has noodle-time on the piano, and some brainstorming for Rascalbear's Red-Point Siamese Roundup, and starting a review for the current book I'm reading. So hey, 2014, get your butt over here. I'm ready to rumble!