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First, then, and finally.

No, I didn't forget about the place. On the contrary, it's been very much on my mind. And I did manage to get my subtitle added, see? But as has been the case since pretty much the beginning of this year, I've over-extended my artistic and entertainment obligations to the point where until yesterday I barely had time to breathe, so some 'wants' and many 'needs' had to be put aside in a holding pattern. About the only thing that really suffered though - besides a regular blog entry! - is the fact that my house is a monochrome of dusty gray, and my desk and the piano room are disastrous messes. But these are minor details that don't prevent any of them from being used and enjoyed.
Web sites are another story. If they gather too many cobwebs, they're soon impossible to find. So now that I'm back, there are recordings to make and artwork to post. Art will be first - I don't have to create it from scratch, so that shouldn't be difficult. Music will take longer. Need to figure out what I'm going to play it on in here, once it's recorded. Details, details… Or as the saying goes, "Whatever it is you want to do, you have to do something else first". Only then you can finally act on the want.
When it comes to getting a web site up and active, truer words have never been spoken!