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Blogging My Gigs

When part of the reason I never have time to blog is because I'm preparing for gigs, rehearsing for gigs, singing at gigs, and—whenever I can squeeze in the spare time—living my life and writing Fate's Apology, I might as well use the all-mighty gig as a blog post, eh? Sure, it's posted on my music page. But let's put the web site to use and make it do double duty. After all, it's not like I have to pay it overtime.

So what's my next gig? It's a guitar/bass duet with my fellow Shaare Zion Congregation choirister, Hélène Engel. We've been rehearsing for weeks to prepare a show at a little Montreal bistro/launderette (yes, believe it or not) called Bistro Mousse-Café on 2522 Beaubien Est. We're thrilled that it's actually on a weekend, falling on a Saturday night at 9:00pm. From our repertoire of Jewish songs from all over the world, we've chosen the best of the best in order to entertain our audience for one hour. Woohoo!
I like that after so many years of neglect, I'm once again playing my bass in front of audiences now and then. It's been a long come-back, and not without it's drawbacks. Getting a nice little weekend gig like this is one of the things that makes it all worth while, and I hope those of you who might actually be hanging out within driving distance of our wonderful city will consider coming out and filling a seat!
Hélène Engel Abby Geiger Mousse-Café