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Short Snippet Saturday: Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

Part of the fun of writing a story in a scifi setting is that I get to turn everyday objects into something slightly new and different. In this scene, Nala learns what a broadflag is, and which major languages are used in the Korl System.


           They rounded the wall and were confronted with an enormous trapezium protruding upon long poles outward and upward from the side of the tower. Its colorful messages glowed in the pre-dusk sunlight. Several words were visible, and along the top was a running feed.
            "It looks like a huge RAW board," Nala said.
            "Same tech, different info. The broadflag tells passing pilots—in seven different languages—which district they're in, the name of the structure they're passing, and the conditions of the skylanes below."
            "I recognize Po Krotan."
            Rey nodded and read off the others, pointing to each in turn. "Korl Prime, Valoshain, Drivarese, Kirnite, Riknardi, and Shish."
            "No Tendaran," she observed.
            A frown flitted over his features. "It's presumed there're no Tendaran pilots."
            "They would not be given control of a vehicle," she guessed.