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It Could Be Worse

I feel like I got hit by a freight train. Normally I use the analogy of being hit by a bus for those days when everything feels overused and under rested. But today, it's a train. Why? Because yesterday morning, I fell down and went boom.

Falling down stairs.Descending the stairs as I do every morning, I thought I was on the floor when I still had one step to go, and when I began walking, I found myself tumbling through the air and crashing onto the living room floor. My first thought was "how the hell did that happen" followed by a shout of "I'm okay!". I was. I hadn't even spilled my open water bottle, which was pretty miraculous, as was the fact that the only injury I sustained was a bruised knee which I promptly put on ice to prevent it from turning into a huge, ugly, black-n-blue lump. It could've been worse, and I shudder to think how close I came to whacking my head on the coffee table. Once more, I'd taken a bad fall, lived to tell about it, and now get to walk around for the next few days with our old piano roll "I Faw Down an' Go Boom" stuck in my head.
I find falling down to be quite unnerving. It makes me feel powerless and mortal. I mean, as kids we all take tumbles and bounce like Bumbles, but as an able-bodied adult, it's something that just doesn't happen. Not normally being a clumsy person even under the worst circumstances, I can count on one hand how many times I've taken nasty spills that I can remember. But I must be part Bumble, because they all could've been much worse. Here's a list I came up with:
1) Being tackled from behind when attacked by my cousin's dog, a huge German Shepherd/St. Bernard mix. I don't know if that counts as a fall, but it certainly took me by enough surprise that I peed my pants and developed a bit of a dislike of big dogs, especially if they're not very well-behaved. But it could've been worse.
2) Falling in the gravel at grade school while running at top speed playing tag. A ripped dress and black elbow were my reward for that one. I guess it could've been worse. Could've been my face.
3) Falling from a porch swing hanging in a giant oak tree. Well, the chain broke, but that's still a fall, and one that cost me an intact tailbone. Ouch. Not sure how that one could've been worse.
4) Tumbling into my bathtub while trying to take a pee while OMG-stupid-drunk. Yeah, not one of my prouder moments, but always good for a chuckle with my sister. Luckily for me, my head missed the faucet. That could've ended much worse.
5) Meeting the pavement the one time I got hit by a car. Crossing on my bicycle in front of stopped traffic, this guy in an enormous, black truck edged forward and knocked my back wheel. All I remember is staring up at the Darth Vader-like grille and hoping to hell he didn't drive right over me. Fortunately, I escaped that one with only a scrapped elbow and bruised knee, and two days of feeling like I'd been hit by a train. That could've been way, way worse.
That's it. There might be more, and there are of course the expected bumps, bruises and bounces one sustains when learning to bike, roller or ice skate. Those don't count. It's when you're just going about your business and suddenly the ground jumps up to smack you in the face that you realize you're not as in control as you think you are. Hopefully, you shout "I'm okay!", jump up, brush yourself off, and continue walking as though nothing happened.
It could be worse.