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So I painted the place, put in a little furniture and hung a picture. It's starting to feel more like home. I chose bright colors because they make my eyeballs happy, but there are other subtle reasons behind my choices.
Red has always been one of my favorite colors, if not to wear to at least see around me in certain aspects. I once decorated my room as a teen with red curtains, so during the day the room would be bathed in ochre. I've always read that red is an energizing color, but I actually find it relaxing. I wish I still had a red room...I'm keeping it in mind for my dream studio. Anyway, I could never have an internet presence that did not utilize the color red. The blue is a contrast, a compliment and a theme that goes with my book, whose colors tend to be red, blue, russet, green and gold, and some variations of. If I could have used them all and gotten artsy with it, I would have, but I can only use two colors with this web site theme. So red and blue it is!
A fond farewell to Bluey McPinnt-head. Thanks for being my stand-in. It's all me now, baby!