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Short Snippet Saturday: New Threads

Some of my favorite scenes to write in Fate's Apology are those in which my characters slow down and take a moment to do simple, everyday things, especially when it gives them the opportunity to show consideration and kindness.



            "I see you found your new clothing," Rey said.
            Nala looked down at the boots in her hands. "Yes. I do not know what to say."
            "Say you'll try it on," he suggested.
            She nodded and gathered up the outfit, then retreated to the bathing room. She returned moments later to find Rey standing at the window, approval apparent in his eyes.
            "It fits perfectly," he said. "Leppi did well."
            "Leppi chose this?"
            "No, but he advised me on sizing." He paused, and then added quietly, "I chose it for you, Nala. I hope you like it."
            She looked down at the snug-fitting tunic with its enticing neckline and three-quarter-length sleeves. Belted at her hips, the lower half was side-slit and draped to mid-thigh. The pant-leggings, which emphasized her trim musculature, tucked easily into the knee-high, low-heeled boots. The overall effect was that of flattering comfort and practicality. "I like it very much, Reylen," she said. "I have never owned anything so beautiful."