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Short Snippet Saturday: Getting to Know You

Building the relationship between my two protagonists is a complicated matter, but one of the most fun parts about writing Fate's Apology. Too nice, and it's not believable. Too antagonistic, and it's difficult to care. They spend much of the first third of the story vacillating somewhere between the two extremes, learning to do the one thing they must do before anything else can happen: respect one another.


            The screen went black and Rey hustled Nala from the com station. They walked several paces, then wedged themselves into a narrow doorway that smelled of neglect.
            "This 'Sid'," Nala began. "He did not seem overjoyed with your story."
            "Sid knows too much about my past. I can't blame him for making assumptions."
            "Kweranton is the intoxicant of fools. I have seen people die for those poisoned dice."
            Rey nodded knowingly. "It's nearly brought me to ruin more than once. I was lucky to finally break free from its grasp."
            Nala appraised him. Shadows encircled his haunted eyes, and his red curls were matted with blood and sweat. He stared out at the skylane as though willing their ride to appear.
            "You have strength where it does not show," she said.
            A half-smile tilted his mouth. "Well then, I guess we have something in common."