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Short Snippet Saturday: Oh, Really??

Having characters who share a twisted backstory (that never actually gets info-dumped onto the reader) gives lots of opportunities to pepper Fate's Apology with lively and sometimes eyebrow-raising banter. The things that spout from their mouths often take even me by surprise!


            The woman bit her lip, then drew an inverted triangle and looked hopefully at Vaim.
            Vaim shook her head and grabbed the woman by the shoulder, pushing her to her knees as she pinched. "That letter is in two of the three worlds' names and isn't the first letter of any of them," she growled. "Stop playing with me and show me the name of the destination world!"
            The woman gritted her teeth and reached for the coat. She drew an oval with a straight line bisecting one side. "That's all I remember!"
            "Could be Gamanarr," Jaiynder said, scrutinizing the scrawl.
            "Could be Kirn, too. Try again!" She squeezed harder.
            "I don't remember!" the woman cried, panic setting in. "You're hurting me!"
            "Let her go," Jaiynder said. "Now you're just being nasty for fun."
            Vaim released the woman and cocked her head at him, a wicked glint in her hazel eyes. "You used to like when that was the case."