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Scifi, pictures and pinnts - oh my!

So, I still need to decorate. Yup. But that doesn't stop me from writing, blogging, posting updates...whatever, no matter the color of the border or the existence of a media player or whatever else I still need to install in here. I leave that to the person, my beloved CN (computer nerd) who will help me install it all and learn how to "make it go" like the internet Pakled that I sometimes am.

Pakled, yes. Scifi. In case you don't know that yet, I'm warning you now: I'm a scifi geek. Have been since I was about seven or eight years old. "Westworld". "Silent Running". Even "Frankenstein - The True Story", which is far more scifi drama than horror, and downright steampunky in some places (Leonard Whiting in those bizarre glasses bringing his 'monster' to life...*sigh*). These were some of my favorite, most well-remembered movies as a kid. Don't even get me started on Star Wars or Star Trek TNG, I'll be pulling out DVDs and YouTube clips to prove you wrong on your mis-quotes of Han Solo or Mr. Data. Yup, I heart scifi.

I even look scifi. That little blue guy up in the corner? He's a pretty good representation of me some days. Right now he's representing my inability to put a picture on here even though I followed all the directions given by my CN, who has now exited the space station for a couple of days. So Bluey McPinnt-head will remain until I get additional info. Oh, that's "pinnt" as in "mint", a word I made up when I was a kid to describe the pointy part on your hoodie. Making up words is a quirk that comes in handy for writing scifi. After all, who wants boring old cows, apples, concrete or meditation in an imaginary universe? Bring on the agreths, durgots, alumir and aralai.
And pinnts!