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Sunday, June 8th 2014 at 9:00pm with the Hélène Engel Trio at Club Balattou, 4372 Boul. St-Laurent, Montréal, QC H2W 1Z5  (514) 845-5447


Hélène Engel Trio


I've played keyboards my entire life, first self-taught by ear then went through a few years of lessons. I also sang in the school choir and assorted specialty groups from 4th grade through graduation from high school. In the early 80s I taught myself bass guitar, played in several cover-tune and original-composition bands during the 80s and 90s, and I'm currently working on a bass/singing gig with Hélène Engel and her Jewish/Yiddish/folk band. For the past several years I've been employed as a singer in the Shaare Zion Choir, and most recently I began writing piano compositions. Below are some recordings from some of these musical endeavors.

These piano compositions are entirely my own original creations, recorded on a simple Radioshack DP-4073 electric piano. These are only a few of my compositions, more that are already written will be posted as they are recorded. (Note: The Jester's Jig is 'recorded' by Finale, a score-writing program that plays back your score. It is NOT a live recording, but will be eventually.)

Calypso's Calliope:
Composer: Abby Geiger        Performed By: Abby Geiger        Date Recorded: 08/10/2011

The Wildwood Waltz:
Composer: Abby Geiger        Performed By: Abby Geiger        Date Recorded: 01/27/2011

Tora's Lullabye:
Composer: Abby Geiger        Performed By: Abby Geiger        Date Recorded: 12/10/2010

The Jester's Jig:
Composer: Abby Geiger        Performed By: Finale        Date Recorded: 08/25/2009

~~Bass Guitar Work~~

With Hélène Engel performing "Fel Shara" for Les Rythmes Folkloriques avec la SPEQ show during Week-ends du Monde at Parc Jean-Drapeau, Montreal, July 15th 2012. With Hélène Engel on vocals and guitar, and Marie-Neige Lavigne on violin. My equipment is a 1989 Ibanez Soundgear bass and Peavy Minx 110 amplifier.

Here's an audio vid of my 80s "hair band" Stiff Kitten, playing Deep Purple's "Highway Star". Recorded live at the Telford Inn, Telford PA in 1988, utilizing my first bass, a 1978 Rickenbacker 4001. (Yes, the drummer got a thrashing for dropping the beat!)

These Ravenwolf songs are from my days as bassist in the band. Equipment is a 1989 Ibanez Soundgear bass and Trace Elliot amplifier, and were recorded at Vain Studios in Phoenix Arizona. (In "The Wizard" a fretless bass is also utilized with a flange and other nifty effects.) Other band members of Ravenwolf at the time were: Alex Stearns - composer, lead singer, rhythm guitar; Bruce Irvan - composer, lead guitar; Mike Koenig - drums. I've also played with Mistress in Elmira NY, as well as Touched / Stiff Kitten and Bedside Manor in Lansdale PA.

Composer: Alex Stearns        Performed By: Ravenwolf        Date Recorded: 1995

The Wizard:
Composer: Alex Stearns        Performed By: Ravenwolf        Date Recorded: 1995


I sing alto in the Shaare Zion Choir, with weekly service and holiday service performances at Shaare Zion Congregation, the premier Conservative synagogue of Montreal, Quebec. The link below will take you to a recording of the choir singing with Cantor Eric Moses under the direction of Lou Burko. They are all beautiful pieces, but I recommend first checking out Uvyom Hashabbat, L'dor Vador and Chassidic Kaddish as they showcase the choir extremely well and are favorites of mine. (Please note I am not singing in this recording, but the songs you will hear are but some of the many I do perform regularly with the choir.)

Moses Sings The Music Of Shaare Zion
Composer: Various        Date Recorded: 1998
Click HERE to listen to a recording of the Shaare Zion Choir with Cantor Eric Moses and Director Lou Burko
(Courtesy of Judaica Sound Archives)