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May 2015

Red Pen Ready

It's finally here. That joyous time when I can say "I finished it". The first, complete draft of Fate's Apology is done. Does it seem like it's taken a long time? Yes, because it has. Don't ask how long. It started out just as a fun fanfic and stayed there for thousands of words. Then it got serious. Then I got serious. In reality, I cut my  writing teeth on this story, learning as I went, which made for a couple of false starts and periods of downtime where I had to figure out exactly what it was I was trying to do. Nevertheless, I persevered and was able to take a picture of that momentous moment when I could finally, FINALLY type those important two little words.

The End


Yup. It says THE END!

Now for the fun part! I hope... Oy.

I've already set it aside for a month, using the time to get caught up on other projects, or just wasting it and relaxing for a change. But the story's been percolating up there, in the back of my  mind, brewing in all its flaws, big and small as I gear up to begin the revisions and rewrites. I already know it begins 'in medias res', with the inciting event practically masquerading as the opening scene, and the last 25% takes up closer to 35% of the story. This means my plot points are out of place, a new beginning must be written, and because I couldn't make his arc work, a supporting character's story will be drastically changed.
Fortunately I think these problems can be corrected fairly easily without wreaking havoc on the story or my nerves. It's just a matter of outlining a beginning that better shows the two protagonists in their normal world while laying the foundation for the coming storm, and revising and/or eliminating scenes toward the end, mostly due to the character arc change. I've already started making notes of things I know need to be done, as well as words and names that need a 'copy/replace' done on them to create consistency (funny how the name of that person/people/planet seemed ok at first, but later on, um…no). I knew these things were happening even as I went, but by the time I got into the home stretch I refused to backtrack. Never mind, just keep going, I kept telling myself. It can all be fixed later.
And so it will be. I don't imagine it's going to happen overnight, but I'm sure the 2nd draft won't take but a fraction of the time the first one took. I already have a story, and that's ninety percent of the work, right? Now, I just have to make it better. And what better time to start than this upcoming three-day weekend, when I can finally sit down and begin reading the monstrosity from beginning to end! Now, hand me that red pen.