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July 2014

Best. Vacation. Ever.

It's finally here. Summer vacation. The nine days off I've looked forward to for the past two months. Where am I going to spend it? On the beach? Nope. In the mountains? Nadda. Out west visiting my family? Try again. These are pretty much the answers I've been giving to the people who think the best way to spend their break from rushing to work is to now rush off to somewhere else. And while that's nice, it's not for me. Not this time, anyway. This time I'm spending my vacation at home. This time, I'm taking a writing vacation.

Not a vacation from writing, of course. That's enforced often enough by the typical work-a-days and various other projects that scream for my complete attention from time-to-time. No, I mean a vacation where the goal isn't to sit at the pool with an umbrella drink (although I'll get out there for a few dips) or escape the city and enjoy some fresh air (although I'll try to do that before it's over), but is instead to get out of my crazy-busy routine and sit at the keyboard for as many hours as it takes to FINISH THIS DRAFT OF FATE'S APOLOGY.

There. I said it.

This should be do-able. I'm in the third act, coming up on the climax soon. And while I know I still have to re-jig the beginning to start less 'in media res', I'm going to leave that as a bonus. Something I will do if I can, but if not, I'll fix it fairly quickly in my re-writes. Because right now, I just want to bask in that glorious light I can see at the end of the tunnel. That light that's shaped like the words "The End".

So enjoy your beaches, your mountains, your camping grounds and your globe-trotting. I'm going someplace much farther away and coming back with more than just a suntan. I'm going to the Korl Sector of my Imaginationland galaxy and returning with a story that has a beginning, a middle AND an end.

See you in nine days!

Kitties, coffee, laptop.