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September 2013

Some Parts Are Harder Than Others

I'm at that part of Fate's Apology again. The same part where I stopped on my second draft—which really counts as my first draft if we're talking non-fan-fic—where things started to bog down. This time I have an outline and a vision of what's actually supposed to happen between now and the end. However, it's not always helping.

What is it about this of this story that makes me feel like I'm not so much writing as hacking my way through a thorny thicket with an unsharpened pencil? Is the plot too simple? Too complicated? Are the characters not acting they way they should? Is the fact that I must now introduce two new characters (well, one really) throwing everything off-balance? All of the above? None of it?
Part of it must be the changing of gears and expansion of the story into the big 'What's Really Happening". Of course, it gets more complicated from here on out. And, having never written a novel before, I'm a little overwhelmed. Who wouldn't be?
But with that in mind, I think the root of the problem is that this is the part of the story where my protagonists are separated. After spending the first half of the book pushing them together, forcing them to be civil to one another, and essentially getting them on the same team, now they've been ripped apart and don't have one another to play off of anymore. And it's throwing me for a loop just as it is them. Unfortunately, I can't use that feeling to help me write their scenes. They're not in positions to wring their hands, with that deer-in-the-headlights look that I have sometimes. They have to act. They have to persevere. And I have to as well, or they won't.

One thing I think will help me was making a list of all the emotions they're both feeling right now. Some are the same, some are not, and how they're going to deal with those emotions will be different for each of them. In order to move forward, I really have to delve into how the current state of events is affecting them based on their past experiences and back story, which is something that was not quite so necessary in the first half, where they only needed to behave as almost anyone would in their desperate situation. To be fair, I also did the same for my antagonists. They have their thoughts and feelings as well, and they just got a leg up on the situation. But all is not won.

Which means for my protagonists, all is not lost either, even though it certainly seems that way at the moment. A lot more turmoil is coming before they can be reunited and I can write those scenes that have been in my head since I began this adventure. So, let me sharpen that pencil, drill into some minds, and then get back to my thicket. A path still needs to be forged to The End. I know it's there. I just have to KEEP GOING.